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Mobile Device Connectivity and Social Media Access

August 5th, 2013 Posted in Business, Technology

mobile device connThere are two tech platforms currently overwhelming work and life today: Mobile devices and social media. Mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and phablets of various operating systems and makes continue to flood the market with dazzling regularity and increasing tech functionalities. These devices have become so sophisticated as to approximate the web access capabilities of PCs while at the same time being handy enough to be lugged around by users in mobile work and leisure situations.

Social media, on the other hand, continues to take a large amount of user, marketer, and industrial attention and endeavor as a convergent tech that enables professional work and various lifestyles to interact in real-time. Whether these interactions are for business or leisure, the fact remains that companies and brands could engage users as potential consumers. Users on the other hand, could initiate dialogues with brands, personalities and companies online and in the process provide the latter with enough informational currency to leverage marketing efforts.

The retail cycle connection

As mobile device use becomes more and more prevalent in the workplace, it also becomes second nature to users of smartphones, tablets or phablets to maximize the online access experience these devices offer. Mobile device users have thus come to regard such as main web access tools more than mere telecom tools they could use to make or receive calls, SMS/MMS messages, and voicemail messages.

In companies where hosted VoIP PBX systems are in place, specifying mobile devices to extension networks enable such employee-owned devices to enjoy the cloud-based VoIP features and functionalities. These heighten the degree of connectivity that business owners, coworkers, and customers have with company employees.

Upon analyzing this kind of telecom configuration, mobile devices become primary tools that could adequately enhance an enterprise’s retail practices. This is after all the essential function of business VoIP to be found in retail-oriented telecommunications that have customer service and backroom networks mindfully configured to bolster sales, after sales, and customer relations management. You could therefore surmise that mobile device use, when conscripted for business use with IP phone and softphone networks in companies truly make networks more powerful by being mobile and omnipresent. Add social media access to this and the retail cycle becomes richer with potential.

Rules of engagement

Since mobile devices now function as primary web access tools, it has become common to find users doing so to access retail apps, retail sites, and social media networks for information, real-time interaction, and high entertainment value content. Owing to this high user preference for shareable content, brands and companies have come to appreciate user response as viable for the following purposes:

  • Informational capital to use for strategic market positioning.  How users respond to the various social media calls to action such as Like, Comment, Share, Tweet, Retweet, Reblog and the like provide brands and companies with ample psychological state or market behavior info about various consumer groups. It is a peek into how certain markets perceive or view certain brands, products or services. The knowledge of these things help guide marketers about how they could viably position whatever they offer.
  • Long-term business relationships with customers. Users who engage brands as regular buyers and followers provide companies with sales and sales leads that have the potential to grow exponentially via viral sharing of content about brands, products or services via social media actions. When managed well, social media engagement by brands could establish long-term relationships with users as customers on an ongoing referral basis.
  • Serviceable access to previously remote consumer groups. Mobile devices conveniently extend web access to people without the need for more expensive PCs and locations where broadband connections might be unstable or non-existent. Owing to retail apps for mobile devices, the retail cycle has become just as accessible to more consumers owing to online/virtual retail methods being developed by companies to reach out to formerly remote consumer sectors in various markets.

Companies need to align themselves with mobile device and social media tech platforms for their retail to matter in this millennium.




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