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Do You Make Believe or Make Things Happen?

June 27th, 2013 Posted in Inspirational

make things happenWe all have our plans and we all have our schemes. In our minds we all have our dreams. No matter what other people might make of them or how they wish to think of us having such plans, schemes and dreams, we can only go on and on. Nothing and no one can stop us. Only when we carry them out do people, things and events allow or stop us from making them happen.

If you’d rather choose to make believe that things exist, that’s an option you choose to make using your wild imagination. Once you choose, however, to turn what’s make believe into something materially useful then you begin to make things happen. In life, love, work, career or business, the amount of effort you make turning your plans, schemes and dreams into worthwhile reality determines the amount of success you merit. You can only gauge your success rate by how much of your plans, schemes and dreams get to be executed and fulfilled to your liking.

Sense of involvement

  • Work requires a certain serviceable amount of your willingness to accomplish tasks on schedule. Your dedication depends on the amount of involvement you devote to your work with proper consideration to time and quality of output. These are factors you do not and just cannot make up.
  • Your boss will not have any of you made up excuses for work related shortcomings if you’re an office employee or a telecommuter working under a RingCentral virtual office set-up. The bottomline doesn’t change no matter how you make yourself believe that business is going great even when it’s not, if you’re a business owner. Your career laziness and complacency are sure to be exposed once you fail to match the degree of professional involvement everybody else has on a project.
  • People who tend to rationalize their flaws and shortcomings instead of addressing them objectively live in a make believe world. Nobody else lives there because it isn’t worthwhile to do so. Only losers live there — not by choice but by circumstance.
  • All able and competent workers are achievers. People who choose to make things happen because they are convinced about no other option being worthwhile. Office employees who advance to higher positions work hard to make the grade and take on bigger responsibilities willingly. Career pros pursue their craft and know-how with even more brilliance with a motive of outdoing themselves every time. Business owners involve themselves in the development of business ideas and opportunities with the same kind of thinking: The desire to be an important part of a productive process that makes positive things happen.

The magic of perseverance

  • When you up the level of your involvement in anything worthwhile, productive and profitable, you find yourself engaging in them with consistent brilliance. It is at this point that nothing and no one may effectively deter you from your vision. Such heightened sense of involvement is known as perseverance. Such heightened ideas of plans, schemes and dreams are visionary.
  • Once you successfully combine your perseverance with the visionary substance of your ideas, the wonder of all your achievements will resemble industrial magic. Everything you touch from then on becomes headed for success. All visionaries the world has ever known from the industrial revolution all through the information age have come to be known as such because of visionary perseverance. You can name them all from Ford, to Rockefeller, to Ferrari, to Daimler, to Van DeRhoe, to Iacocca, to Gates, to Jobs, and to all those who’ve been part of technological progress throughout human history.
  • The world of difference that separates those who choose to make believe and those who choose to make things happen happens to be explainable with a choice between two definitive actions: On or Off. The rest of the magic is up to you.




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