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Are You a Hoarder?

June 17th, 2013 Posted in Business, Technology

hoardersAre you a legit collector or just on your way to becoming a hoarder? We’ve all seen a collection or two. The business minded ones, make them into small museums, auction houses to sell and showcase them. They earn a buck or two that goes into maintaining their collection or they buy something to add to it. Both ways, all parties are pretty happy and contented at what collectors take the time and money to put together. Other people showcase several collections because they express a thought, a common belief, or they are trying to get a message across.

People collect things for a variety of reasons. Some just like the way all the cow patterns look in their western style kitchens or how the owl paintings and dolls look in a daughter’s nursery.  It brings concepts and themes together in somewhat boring spaces. But regardless of the emotional or physical attachment people have to things, there is a point, where things get out of control. Some people start from being the common collector of things to the extreme hoarder of all sorts of unnecessary “stuff”.  There are those who get into it as a matter of business and may even have some kind of RingCentral virtual PBX going for it.

If you’re not into that kind of business, then what exactly are you up to with all the hoarding? Which one do you think you are?hoarders 2

  • The Common Collector. They usually collect trinkets that bring back memories of their childhood. A popular cartoon character that is no longer showing or even refrigerator magnets from different places they have vacationed with their family. There are stamp collectors, coin collections, novelty and even marble collectors that usually become the conversation pieces to many family gatherings. They pretty much have things under control. If they see something that would look great in their collection they don’t frantically grab it but they might take a second look at it, fearful of it not being there next time. In case it isn’t, then they accept that maybe it wasn’t meant to be.
  • The Pack Rat. This kind of collector is the sentimentalist. They collect the smallest of things because of the emotional attachment it has to them. The bubble gum wrapper from when she sat next to the boy she wished would notice her. The pencil she dropped and he picked up and said hello. The petals from the rose he gave during their first valentine’s days – even sand from the beach where he proposed and promised forever. Now these are keepsakes some people choose to safely put in a memory box. But when they have started keeping every ticket they have had at the train station, clippings of all their favorite boy bands since they turned 13. When you refuse to let go of all the lunch boxes you’ve owned since you were in the first grade. Then this typical pack rat in you is on its way towards becoming a hoarder and budding trash collector.
  • The Hoarder. These types of collectors are no longer in control. They will use all means possible to get what they feel is missing from their shelves and closets. Their insatiable appetite to purchase everything most probably has put them in some kind of debt. If their family is having trouble trying to talk them out of their next buy, they are in denial and that is a serious problem. If this scenario is somewhat familiar to you, then the next time you can’t get through the front door because of all the accumulated stuff, chances are, neither can your family. If one day you begin wondering why you can’t see them through all the bags and boxes, chances are they aren’t just out. They have left you for good.





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