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Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation

June 11th, 2013 Posted in Business, Inspirational, Travel

stress free vacationIf you feel the need to slow down and escape from the pressures of work, it would be a great idea to start browsing through the Internet to check out where you might like to go on a holiday.

Do you see yourself watching the sun set over the Mediterranean Sea at Santorini? Or fancy riding a dune buggy along the sand dunes of Dubai, or just soaking up the sun lying on a beach in Bali? After having decided on your dream destination, here are some points to ponder on to make your trip memorable and hassle free.

It pays to do your homework

A successful vacation requires careful planning. You can either hire the services of a travel agent or if you are on a tight budget, you can make the reservations by yourself. Study thoroughly all the information about the country.  The weather, for example, so you have an idea what kind of clothes to pack.

Aside from your passport, maybe you’d need a visa to enter the country you are to tour? Better start collecting the documents needed and apply for one as soon as possible. Next, start drawing up an itinerary of the scenic spots you’d want to visit so that you wouldn’t miss out on anything exciting.

Create a Checklist

As soon as everything is settled; vacation leave approved, flight booked and confirmed, it’s now time to make a list of things you will bring to your vacation. Aside from your clothes, camera and toiletries, here are some things you might also want to look into:

  • Together with your travel documents, don’t forget to print your itinerary. Be sure to stick with it so you can maximize your trip. Jot down the RingCentral 1800 numbers of your travel agency (if you hired one) just in case you might encounter a problem while you are on your trip.
  • If your local currency were not in US dollars, it would be wise to exchange them to that legal tender standard in cash or in traveler’s checks before you leave the country. Most money exchange shops worldwide, however, easily accept US dollars and exchange them to their local currency in varying forex rates dependent on regions.
  • To be more confident, get yourself vaccination shots for typhoid fever, hepatitis or other illnesses as a preventive measure. Don’t forget to bring a medical kit with all the basics plus those for altitude sickness and anti-diarrhea pills.  Bring your own medicines if you are on prescription together with your doctor’s certificate that you are indeed taking them.

The road less traveled

As some travel adages say, it is best to “Live like a local”. If you are feeling adventurous and you have gone through visiting the must see tourist spots with time to spare, it would be a great idea to check out other places not necessarily “touristy”.

Immersing yourself in the real vibe of the country you are in can prove to be more exciting. Ask your hotel concierge if he may recommend a person who can take you to these places. It may be   a very small charming restaurant offering authentic dishes using unusual ingredients or cooking techniques. Or it may be a nearby beach or island where if you can stay overnight, can enable you to get to see newly hatched baby turtles frolicking in the waves.

Try riding in their local transports like the bus, subway or other mass transit systems. Hold on to your belongings but beware — snatchers happen in tourist spots too. They wouldn’t hesitate preying on an unsuspecting foreigner.  Most of all, be prepared to be amazed by the experience as it may give you a different perspective of life on this planet. Then you’ll know that your vacation is just as worthwhile as you have imagined.




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