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Life Beyond The Cubicle: How To Find Time When You Don’t Have The Time

May 30th, 2013 Posted in Business, Inspirational, Technology

Get busy living or get busy dying. (Yes, that is from “Shawshank Redemption.”) So much wisdom from such a short phrase. Which one are you doing right now? If you have to ask, “Shawshank what?” then you are definitely not doing the first part of that phrase. It is very likely that you are spending way too much time at the office—from the moment the sun is up until the very moment it goes down—and coming home feeling cranky and tired all over.  Is there another way to live your life?

time management

Listen, like Tim Robins in “Shawshank,” you do not need to be incarcerated to have all the time in the world to realize and do what you truly want to be doing. There are ways to go about your daily life, be able to earn money and still find time for fun, for relaxation, for adventure — for living. And here’s how:

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates — So Compartmentalize!

Learn to compartmentalize the areas of your life. Yes, work is important. Yes, you should definitely not neglect saving money for your future. But there will not be much of a future left if you build your entire life around your career. Remember, all work and no play not only makes you dull, but also seriously unhealthy. The stress you get from meeting deadlines, achieving sales targets, pleasing upper management, and dealing with numerous suppliers like RingCentral VoIP service providers can take their toll on your body.  Add the possibility of not getting enough exercise in your routine and eating greasy, fatty food on the fly and you have got one heck of a recipe for health issues.

When you compartmentalize, you are able to put limits on things. Your work should never encroach on your time for family and yourself. When you own a business, this should certainly be easy enough to do because you will have other people looking after the day-to-day operations of your company. When you are an employee, turn off your mobile phone when you are not supposed to be working. Get organized at work and try to finish what needs to be completed at the office. Never (or at least try not to) bring work at home.

List. Schedule. Do.

Do not knock the power of making lists. While it sounds like it is only reserved for type A personalities, this does not mean it cannot work for people who have a more laidback approach to life. Making a list of what you need to be doing for the day can help you prioritize events, chores, and other things you need to accomplish. Lists are especially crucial for parents. Consider the barrage of things working moms and dads have to get done, from taking that lunch meeting with a teacher to making that morning meeting with the boss, from driving the kids to soccer practice or ballet class to dealing with the various projects at home. When you enumerate the things you need to do for a day, you are able to map out your commitments and responsibilities. And you do not waste any time, which means you get more hours in a day.

So it is not exactly the coolest thing in the world to do, making lists; and it may not leave much room for spontaneity. But it does give you opportunities for finding time to do the things you absolutely love. When you have finished everything you need to accomplish for a week at work, then you will have no excuse not to go surfing at the crack of dawn, to drive out to the country and go camping with your beloved, to build that treehouse with your kids, or to finally read that bestselling book you bought a week ago.




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