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Best Gadgets to Have For Business or Blogging On The Go

April 23rd, 2013 Posted in Business

Gadgets for BloggingThe internet is the new big “playground” for startup bunsinessmen and entrepreneurs looking to make a brand name and putting it out there for the attention of the public. The Internet is currently populated by billions of users from all corners of the world, and what was once the “information superhighway” back during the nineties is now a true online community—a massive country where people can procure everything they need.

Online consumerism

The rise on online consumerism is evident. Big names like Best Buy aren’t immune to the onset of this new trend—they’ve had to close outlets owing to the fact that people have been “showrooming” or going to physical stores to only look and appraise the item, only to buy it through an online dealer or the website. It’s a method favorable for the buyer, as this means that they don’t actually have to leave their homes to make a purchase, and the item gets delivered to their doorstep directly.

Make the internet into a business opportunity

Because of this rapid consumerism growth online, more and more entrepreneurs are opening up little “online stores” on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Facebook. Others want a more sophisticated approach to make their stores more “professional” and  are choose Storenvy or Etsy, which are more likely to reach a wide consumer range. While still others go the “grassroots” way of making a buck online: simply blog. If your blog is interesting enough and reaches quite a few reader hits, your ads could be making you quite a bit of money. You can check out these RingCentral tips that discussed how blogging can be profitable.

Business and Blogging on the go

The thing about the internet is that it doesn’t have opening-closing times. It’s always on 24/7, because somewhere in the world, it’s morning and someone is awake, looking to purchase product, or read your blog. There are no days off (unless you make it a point to announce it) or breaks, when users choose to access your site. This is why people like to look into the best lightweight, portable gadgetry to help them stay on top of their customers’ needs:

-         Chromebook Pixel – It’s lighter than a Macbook Air, has a touch-screen (which not all laptops have), and ultra fast. It’s sleek and svelte, and performs magnificently for an ultrabook. Easy to tote around and quite connected to everything Google has to offer in online services

-          iPad – Tablets are always easy to tote around. The iPad remains the first choice of people looking to try out tablets, and it’s the yardstick by which other similar devices are measured. Capable of handling a variety of processes through the best applications on the market, you can use it for both business and personal needs.

-          Microsoft Surface Pro – This may be a bit of a stretch for people who’ve had bad experiences with the Surface RT, but without a shadow of a doubt, the Surface Pro is a full-fledged 10-inch tablet that could be given its own touch keyboard. It runs Windows 8 Pro and can run even sophisticated programs like Adobe photoshop. This is perfect for people who have an online business of coding or crafting websites and other graphics-related services while traveling around.




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