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3 Online PR Tricks

April 22nd, 2013 Posted in Business, Technology

prContemporary IT trends such as social media and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) have changed the dynamics of Public Relations (PR). Now, it’s not limited to newspaper publishing, radio ads, and events—it has branched out to digital and web marketing. One of the positive effects of this shift is the accessibility of PR. You don’t need to pay a person who has a PR background to boost your brand’s visibility; you can just take advantage of the free marketing tool called the Internet. Here are 3 PR tricks that you can easily perform using Google:

#1 Search for PR hubs where you can submit marketing assets.

There are a lot of free and paid PR channels available in the web. Begin your search by looking for the free ones first. Search for the most visited PR sites on Google. Then, narrow your hunt from there. Make sure that you check the number of readers that the sites have and see if their audience belongs to your target market before you submit the collaterals you want to promote. It will be futile to post company materials to channels that don’t have a significant number of followers and targets a niche different from yours.

There are a myriad of keyword combinations that you can use when searching for PR firms via Google. The secret is to be very specific. For example, if you’re an IT company promoting your new cloud phone, you can try the following keyword combinations-

“top tech blogs”

“where to submit tech news”

“most read tech blogs”

“top tech website journals”

“where to submit guest post about technology”

Keep in mind that search engines are not case sensitive, so it’s fine to not be scrupulous about capitalization. That said, you must always enclose your chosen keyword combination inside quotation marks because the search engine will think that you are searching for the words individually, not collectively, if you don’t.

Filter the results that appear in Google. List down those that you think are applicable to the nature of your industry, your target customers, and topic.

#2 Leverage Google’s News and Blog features.

Firstly, Google’s homepage has a “News” tab. When clicked, this tab automatically takes the user to a collection of noteworthy stories all over the world. What’s amazing about this feature is that it’s customizable. You can adjust the date, place and category from which you want your news to come from. Its interface is intuitive and very easy to understand and use.

Through this feature, you can find the following:

  • trending local and international news related to your industry
  • stories already covered by reporters (you can avoid repeating article themes)
  • your competition’s online visibility
  • opportunities to post an intelligent opinion  or a though-leadership comment

Secondly, there’s a “Blog Search” category on the “Even More” option in Google’s “More” tab. This search engine only crawls blogs for results. This makes it easier to pin down relevant blogs for your PR.

#3 Maximize the use of Google Alerts.

Google Alerts allows users to automatically receive emails containing pertinent industry-related news. It makes it easier for you to identify fresh clips and thought-leadership comment opportunities. You can set up your Google Alerts in such a way that it will only send stories appropriate to your industry. You can also monitor mentions using this feature. Plus, you can identify reporters that can be on your top media list.

If you see a story related to you, but your company wasn’t mentioned in it, you can easily comment on that article and mention your brand. But make sure that you will post an insightful comment—something that has value and can stimulate an intelligent conversation with other people. When mentioning your company name, make sure you make it as natural as possible.

Advancements in technology have created various opportunities for non-marketers to promote collaterals at a lower cost. Take advantage of these chances as much as you can by using the 3 PR tips mentioned above.




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