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The Telltale Signs of Virtualization System Overhaul

March 18th, 2013 Posted in Business, Technology

virtualizationVirtualization systems and protocols have been quite creating a mark in the historical evolution of technology. As technology keeps on developing, the virtual idea is becoming expansive and complex in structural mechanisms, which lead to the tendency of creating an overcrowded place for virtual systems, applications and devices. In this scenario, both small and established businesses would have to deal with this through escalating their technological expenses and infrastructures, and worst, diminishing workforce due to incapacity to meet the demands for virtualization.

With the aforementioned situations and circumstances, a keen-eyed entrepreneur should be alert with the telltale signs of virtualization system overhaul, and how such signs could prepare entrepreneurs to untoward incidences in the future.

Difficulty monitoring real-time updates

One telltale sign that a virtualization system needs to be reformatted is it’s difficult to monitor information and updates in real-time. Like in the case of my company, at first I was having no troubles with monitoring incoming calls and emails daily. But as time progresses, I started to see the backlogs of workloads and the incapability to monitor all information due to lack of upgrade for virtualization system. What I did in order to save my company’s business operation is to hire an expert in VoIP phone service and overhaul the company’s system in order to function normally.

Operating system becomes a genius.

Another sign that is not far from reality from happening is the system becomes a genius and knows how to outwit any application and technology, somewhat dictating every step and future encounters. The problem here is it’s difficult to control the system, and even if you are the system’s developer, it’s quite hard to control and eliminate it.

Incapability to automatically create solutions

One characteristic of this sign is the operating system managed to adapt to its technological environment that it tends to only accept and process information and data. The bad thing though is it became focused on processing information that it neglects the task of creating solutions.

Lack of cloud implementation protocols and strategies

Due to the fast-paced work style that is brought about by fast evolution of technology, businesses tend to adhere much on being in the loop. The good thing about this is that businesses tend to cater to advanced and complex applications such as the cloud technology. The bad side though is we tend to adhere to society’s modern demands, not realizing that it leads to mismanagement of the cloud system, which eventually ruins the entire company’s operations.

Failure to monitor workload productivity due to restricted channels

This telltale sign summarizes all the difficulties I had when my company was not yet undergoing a much needed system overhaul. I experienced major crises in monitoring the company’s productivity, ending up with staggering and varying figures and data due to the lack of efficient centralized system and efficient channels. The tendency of this circumstance is it focuses more on future accomplishments of tasks and workloads, lessening the attention to work productivity.

Telltale signs are more of knowing the effects of too much virtualization. Not all companies could adhere to the demands of modern business applications and technologies. In order to be successful in leading a virtual environment, it takes research and knowledge to determine and understand the ins and outs of this technology. Application of such knowledge would be effective if all companies know how to decipher signs and technologies.





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