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How Mobile Apps Revolutionized Our Daily Lives

March 14th, 2013 Posted in Technology

thThe mobile phone has become a very important device in people’s everyday lives. Almost everyone has at least a single gadget, even children as young as 7 and 8 years old have mobile phones. It has become a necessity of sorts for going about with our daily lives, and most mobile phones or smartphones for that matter, have introduced us to perhaps one of the most important and helpful discoveries our generation has ever seen: the mobile app.

These days, a mobile phone can give its user various applications from almost unlimited genres. Popular categories include gaming applications, social networking applications like Facebook, Instagram, Keek, Twitter, mobile office applications and many others. Even the house chores can be organized and done using mobile applications anyone can download easily. Gone are the days when mothers would use pen and paper to jot down grocery lists. Today, mothers running their own households can run their homes effortlessly with just their mobile phones —with the help of mobile applications that aim to make their life more bearable, such as the Simple Grocery List app and the Spending app.

There are a lot of reasons why mobile apps are important. The fact that they are affordable, fast and easily accessible to us makes them very convenient and user-friendly tools. This is aside from the fact that there are millions of mobile applications that can be downloaded for free. With the help of these mobile applications, one does not need to find a computer in order to send an electronic mail to somebody and search for some vague or specific information on the web. We can now play our favorite games on our mobile phones or check the messages on the wall of our social networking sites. These apps have truly made our lives mobile and all the more flexible.

Of course, mobile apps are not entirely exclusive to Apple’s iOS. Mobile applications are also available to the Android platform as well. One particular mobile app that most people like is the Free Toll Free application that you can download either from the Apple App Store or from the Android Market. This mobile app allows people to call any toll free phone numbers anywhere in the United States or in Canada at no cost, enabling them to save their cell phone minutes. All it takes is a onetime free registration and you will be ready to go. With Free Toll Free, people can take advantage of their Wi-Fi or 3G connections to make toll free phone calls again and again. Truly, with the advent of technology and various innovations brought about by the Internet, people’s lives have been made easy and tasks can now be easily carried out.

Anywhere you look, mobile phones have become a very important part of our everyday lives. The device has become an inseparable part in our daily existence. It offers us many things despite its small size thanks to the technology of that managed to create apps. Our lives have been made easier and more fun at the same time. The fact that we now have this technology at our fingertips is a clear indication that mobile phones have found a very comfortable place in all our lives. Peter Parker was once told that “With great power comes with great responsibility,” and with these technological innovations,  the power we hold in the palm of our hands also has the potential to create adverse effects, making the matter of using them well of vital importance. If left unchecked, these apps could very well bring out the worst in us, if not the best.




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