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Virtual Office Space Increases in Popularity

March 6th, 2013 Posted in Business, Internet, Technology

Among the RingCentral promo codes in the RingCentral Coupons site, a 30-day no risk trial for RingCentral Office can be found, and it is one of the site’s most lucrative promos. It seems like more and more businessmen are investing in virtual offices, and with them, virtual PBX systems. Why?

Is it worth it?

If it comes down to being worth the money, then a virtual PBX system for the virtual office is definitely the ticket. Virtual offices are steadily growing in popularity among businesses of all sizes, most especially among startups that are looking to cut costs. Business capital must be used wisely, and having a virtual office may be one of the best investments that can be made. There are many reasons why a virtual office and PBX system, such as what the RingCentral online promo offers, can be extremely cost efficient:

  • To begin with, it eliminates the need of a large physical office. In having employees communicate online through a virtual system, there is no need for them all to be in a single large office space that could be eating into the business capital by means of rent. Startup businesses always want to have an address in a lucrative business district. With a virtual office in place, all they need there is the address, and the employees need not even be there as they are connected online.
  • It cuts down on maintenance fees. Having a large office means having to maintain it. That means maintaining the ever-vital communication systems such as physical voice lines, fax lines, and internet lines. Just installing these modes of communication takes a lot out of the company, not to mention all the hardware that it entails. However, a virtual system ensures that the communication is all done via the cloud. This means that all that is ever needed is an internet line, and the rest of the communication can happen over the web.
  • It cuts down on system upgrade hassles. Having a physical system can mean having to upgrade the system AND the hardware; that can take time. New extensions may be needed and more programs may need to be updated, all to keep up with technology. But a RingCentral business system eliminates these hassles and worries, as the provider itself will handle the upgrading.





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