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Make Twitter Work for You

March 5th, 2013 Posted in Internet

Along with a few other social networking sites, Twitter is one of the most powerful tools for any business. However, there are still some rules that must be adhered to even though you have a bit of anonymity courtesy of the internet. Here are a few tips to make sure that your Twitter strategy is at its best.

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  • Have a profile photo. If your company logo is not of an egg, neither should your profile photo.
  • Twitter has a character limit that is limited to 140 so it is important to leave a bit of room so your followers can retweet you.
  • A good way to pique the interest of your followers is to ask them a question before any link you put. They will be more likely to answer these questions, as well as click the link you provided.
  • There is such a thing as hashtag abuse and there is nothing more unsightly than a badly phrased one. Keep them short and sweet, as well as minimal.
  • Don’t make it a point to block people with dissenting opinions because this will make you seem immature. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and should not be shut out just because they air it. The ones who are hurtful are an exemption.
  • Add a personal touch to your tweets and avoid making it cold and mechanical.
  • Photos are powerful tools and are a great way to make sure your tweet is read.
  • Organize your followers by using lists. This way, you can direct some of your efforts to certain individuals that you think will truly benefit from whatever it is you are offering.
  • Spamming on Twitter, or elsewhere on the World Wide Web, is generally frowned upon. Expect to get unfollowed and maybe even lambasted if you spam your followers.
  • Do not limit retweeting to things related to your brand but extend it to other content that may be interesting to your followers. They may be company-related or they may not but make sure they are worthy of attention.
  • Post links all you want but make sure you provide your followers a description of what it is. Links on their own can seem a bit suspect.
  • Follow other people as well. However, do not do it as a way for them to follow you. Make sure these are accounts that are of interest and may be of help to your company’s efforts.
  • Twitter is for interacting so it is important to reply to people. This will show that they are following someone who puts value in their opinions and comments.
  • Foul language on Twitter will reflect badly on your company. Remember that you are representing a brand and not yourself. Use appropriate language.
  • Let people know about your Twitter account by strategically placing your Twitter username on your website. This will allow people to see your tweets without having to create an account of their own. You might even compel one or two people to create accounts for the sake of interacting with you.
  • Do not rely on Twitter alone. Marketing campaigns are comprised of more than strategy. Do not forget to tend to your other channels.




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