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Time Management Tools That You Probably Already Have

March 1st, 2013 Posted in Business, Internet, Technology

management tools phone systemIf you’re like every other modern professional out there, you’re probably already struggling with the subject of time management. There are so many things that we’re all expected to do if we want to succeed in our respective fields, that we often find ourselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work we have in comparison to the modest amount of time we’re allotted. It’s almost enough for some of the best of us to just quit the high-flying lifestyle. That’s why we’ve become so obsessed with finding the perfect time management tools to help lessen the stresses of our busy lives.

But what if the new-fangled time management apps that we keep finding in the app markets aren’t the key to our time management solutions? The fact is, we probably already have what we need to manage time. For example:

An excellent phone system for work

Never scoff at a sufficiently advanced business phone system’s role in time management. You may think that phones only serve as disruptions to our productivity, but that’s only if they’re not smart enough or if you’re not using them right. For example, RingCentral Professional doesn’t just let you pick up calls on-the-go (thus making even your travel time productive); it also allows you to set answering rules to reflect your work patterns. And at a base price of $9.99/mo – with a RingCentral discount from RingCentral Coupons online, you can get it cheaper – you have no excuse not to have it.

A mobile phone timer or alarm

Effective time management is all about creating a schedule for yourself, and sticking as close to it as you can. The reason why it’s become so hard for a lot of us is because we keep forgetting to stick to the schedules we set. Using a timer or alarm – we all have one our phones, so we can’t say we can’t use them – help us stick to our regimens more strictly than any other tool. We don’t need a special app to remind us of stuff; a good old-fashioned alarm should do the trick. It breaks us out of a task that would have gotten in the way of other tasks.

Can you think of other tools that you could have been using for time management all this time?




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