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Five Critical Voicemail Mistakes to Avoid

February 25th, 2013 Posted in Business, Internet, Technology

What would you do if you receive a message on your voice mail that goes like “Hello, this is Mary from Macy’s. Please call me back as soon as you can.” Would you actually give Mary a call or just ignore the message? My guess is as good as yours. There is a bigger chance that you’ll ignore the message because it is boring and dull.

voicemail mistake

What many business owners and sales people do not realize is that voice mail messages are powerful tools to generate leads. The earlier message was lifeless and wasn’t interesting at all. How will the recipient of the message call her back? And worst, the effort of calling several people will result in nothing. If you’re a business owner, use voice mail to your advantage. Do it right and avoid these critical mistakes.

  1. Not Leaving Your Number. Come on, how can you expect someone to call you back if you don’t leave your number? The recipient of the call won’t have any idea on what number to dial and surely, he won’t be willing to look for it as well. It’s not as if everyone had a RingCentral voicemail number (imagine the convenience of not having to memorize another phone number!) that can trace back your call. Many sales people forget to leave their number at the end of the message. When they remember, they’d leave another message which is just totally awkward.
  2. Being Dull and Boring. No one in this world would like to receive a dull and boring voice mail message especially from someone who is trying to make a sale. To put it simpler, be enthusiastic when leaving a message. Show confidence in the product and service you are offering. Show the prospect that they will be missing something if they don’t call you back. If you’re enthusiastic, you will rub off on the recipient too.
  3. Not Saying the Purpose of the Call. When leaving a voice mail message, introduce yourself properly and follow it up by stating the purpose of the call. If you don’t, both of you will just be disappointed. The recipient would not know who you are to begin with. Hence, another wasted effort on your part. On the other hand, there are instances that the prospect may call you back but only to be disappointed in what he will hear. To set expectations, state the purpose of your message. Moreover, don’t forget to give a good reason why the recipient should call you back. Entice him and make him believe that calling you back is worth a shot.
  4. Not Telling When You’re Free to Talk. Although the recipient of the voice mail message is not obliged to call you back, but when he does, he would also think about the best time to call you. If you state in your message the best days and time to call you, this can guarantee the prospect that he can get a hold of you and you’ll have a fruitful conversation. Aside from that, it will be wise to leave your e-mail address as well as some people are not really comfortable talking on the phone with a stranger.
  5. Not Setting the Call Time Frame. You know why people avoid the calls of credit card agents? Because the call takes so long. Hence, you must guarantee your prospect that the call will not take long. Be specific. You can say that he only has to listen to you for a minute or less. Most people will feel more comfortable in calling you back.

Voice mail messages are an effective tool to generate leads for your business. Do not waste this opportunity to make a sale.




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