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Basic Technologies in Telecommuting: Telecommuters’ Must-Haves

February 12th, 2013 Posted in Business, Technology

telecommutingDue to the growth of information technology and popularity of high speed internet access, companies are now willing to adopt flexibility in work-locations which paved way to the business strategy of telecommuting.

Telecommuting or working at home while connected to the company he or she is working with clients and customers, now begins to be a mainstream business practice. Telecommuting makes use of telecommunications technology to allow employees to work from the comforts of their respective homes without affecting their work productivity.  Many companies and business firms are adopting telecommuting because they are now realizing the benefits that they can derive from it such as cost savings, productivity increase, and improvement on morale of employees, reduced absenteeism, lower employee turnout, workforce continuity and wider work opportunities. It has been proven that working at home is an effective way of attracting and retaining employees in a competitive marketplace.

In line with the working set-up of those businesses using telecommuting, telecommuters are tasked to show professionalism to their co-workers, clients, customers and business partners with the same level as their colleagues working at the office. The company and their workers as well as their clients and business partners should establish good and stable ways of communication. This can be accomplished through the use of affordable technologies suited for those people working in small or home-based businesses or offices.

In the past, telecommuters depend only on landline telephones and conventional fax machines for communication purposes. But due to the advent of technology, different tools of communication are established. Here are five technological tools for telecommuters.

Computing Device and Internet

A working computer which can access the internet is the basic tool for telecommuting.  With this, one can use the necessary applications and software to complete his work. Also, devices like smartphones, tablets and netbooks can be a huge help in accomplishing tasks in daily business operations.

A telecommuter may opt to use ASUS Eee PC X101CH-EU17-WT Netbook which provides multi-tasking productivity and richer multi-media and internet experience. It has a built-in 0.3 megapixel webcam which can be paired with video conferencing application. It only weighs 2.2 lbs which makes it easy to carry around anywhere.

Virtual phone service

For a remote worker, one of the most essential tools is his/her phone. It is one of the easiest and quickest ways of communicating with clients and co-workers. The use of traditional phone equipment or a simple mobile phone may not effectively do the job for a telecommuter. A virtual phone service allows employees of the telecommuting company or small business to be linked to a sole business phone number and routes calls for a specific worker. Also, the service comes with corporate phone like features such as virtual receptionist, voicemail and smart-call forwarding. The RingCentral business phone service makes its users to sound more professional with its custom main greeting, unlimited extensions and call handling, conference calling, voicemail and fax to email features.

Internet Fax

Since faxes are still very important in any business, conventional faxing may not become efficient for a telecommuter thus the use of internet faxing has now beginning to be more appealing. Popfax.com Internet Fax Service allows email-based receiving and sending of faxes anytime and anywhere. It can be accessed through any computer with internet connection as well as in mobile phone and smartphones. Also, it comes with a free trial which can make a telecommuter to use the service at no cost.

Productivity Apps

A wide range of applications for computer, tablets, and phones are now available in the market which can help telecommuters to increase their working productivity. One can try Dropbox, a free app productivity booster which allows sharing, saving and storing all types of documents and Mint.com, another free app which acts as a virtual personal banker. It can help its users in tracking, budgeting and managing multiple financial accounts.

Still, there are lots of technologies which can be adopted by telecommuters. It is best to choose the right technology for one’s work need.




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