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Utilizing Freebies for the Betterment of Your Company

February 9th, 2013 Posted in Business

There are many ways to improve your sales and your company in general. Most of these ways entail effort, patience, passion and money.  However, who says that improving your company needs to be expensive? Here are some of the mostly used applications that you can check out and use.


VoIP calls

With VoIP calls that can be used on the Internet, it would be very easy to contact other people, customers, clients and co-employees even if they are somewhere far. VoIP calls are basically free calls that are operated using the Internet. There are many applications nowadays that support such type of calls. Few of which are Skype, Viber and Yahoo messenger. Through these applications, one is bound to have the advantage of talking to anyone, from anywhere at any time.

Utilizing VoIP calls is also a good way to enhance the bond in your company and even build a strong bridge between you and your prospective customers. For example, many Internet-based companies today are hiring employees from other countries. With the VoIP calls, these companies can now hold interviews through video chat or video calls. Not only will they save effort but they will also save time and funds.


Another very important aspect when managing a company is your ability to advertise effectively. However, promoting your products and services on TV, radio or print has become a bit expensive nowadays. Because technology has been upgrading and improving since its inception, the advantages one can get from it are also increasing.

Specifically, the Internet, which is one of the many perks of technology, has numerous means to advertise your products and services. One can acquire free blogs in which you can personalize the design and post your products as you please. Also, you can also join with existing discussions and reviews wherein you can also mention, discuss and promote your products in a discrete way.

Aside from these freebies though, there are still advertising sites and means that will cost you a few dollars. Remember that it is always good to invest and earn larger amounts than saving and decreasing your budget and ending up earning nothing.

Other Internet services

Of course, there are many other free services that you can find in the Internet. One of the many useful services is Internet fax. This is a free fax service designed to attract prospective customers and users. Most of the time, companies give free offers for a couple of months or so. Then, they would ask you to pay up for a monthly fee after that.

There are also sites that offer different plans and packages, while there are also few that offer completely free faxing services. Remember to always know the quality and the prices of such services. With this free service, your employees would not have a hard time scanning and sending fax messages to partners or clients.




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