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How Having Toll free Numbers Gets You More CustomersHow Having Toll free Numbers Gets You More Customers

February 8th, 2013 Posted in Business, Technology

When you make it easy for your customers to contact you, that’s the time that your business begins to pick up. Most customers tend to be tightwads when it comes to spending money whenever they buy products and services. As much as possible, they would like to avoid spending even a single cent when they make phone calls to inquire about or order your products and services. Mind you, many customers do not only make one phone call to your company especially if they happen to like what they bought from you.


It is for this reason that business owners apply for special services like RingCentral toll free numbers. These are numbers that your customers can call without having to worry spending even a single cent. That’s because the calls that your customers make to such numbers are collect calls. When your customers make a call to numbers like 1-800-517-3718, these calls are automatically charged to your account.

Of course you have to pay small amount for getting a number to which your customers can make collect calls. Once your customers and your prospective customers get wind of your 1-800 number, expect your business to be flooded with plenty of phone calls especially if your product or products are selling like hotcakes. If you just have one phone, you might find it difficult to handle the calls by yourself. Attempting to be a one man force in your business might result in losing some important customers.

To be able to handle the expected large volume of calls, you are going to need help from one or two assistants. It would also be a good idea to have a phone assigned to each assistant so that all calls can be entertained appropriately. Now you may think that there is a need to subscribe to a new set of phone numbers. This would give your customers alternative numbers to call just in case a number he or she is calling happens to be busy. But a better way to do it is to have your phones connected in a system such as PBX or Private Branch Exchange. You could also opt for a setup such as virtual office.

Either of these two would allow you to handle efficiently calls to that number to which collect calls can be made. What the system does is it identifies a phone which is available and directs the calls to that phone. Since you are able to handle all calls going through your phone, you get to have more customers buying your products or services. The more customers you have, the bigger your sales are. The more sales that you have, the bigger are the profits that you enjoy in your business.

Another nice thing about having a number or numbers to which your customers can make collect calls is you encourage people living in faraway places to make calls to your business phone. Most of them are often reluctant to call up your business office because they avoid incurring charges on long distance calls. But because the calls that they would make are collect calls, they can forget all about those charges for long distance calls.

It is no wonder why many businesses continue to opt for numbers to which customers can make those collect calls.




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