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10 Reasons To Have A VoIP Service

February 7th, 2013 Posted in Business, Internet, Technology

business voipLandline phones and other traditional means of communication are outdated. From paintings on cave walls to sign languages to the first word uttered down to the alphabet, nothing is more hi-tech and revolutionary than Voice over Internet Protocol services. Say goodbye to all that trouble of applying for a land line. Here are 10 reasons why you should have a VoIP service in your household or in your business:

  1.  Cost-Efficient. Calls made using VoIP services are way cheaper compared to your traditional phone call since it has internet as its medium. In fact, there are applications that allow you to call locally and overseas for free. Most of these calls though allow only VoIP to VoIP connection.
  2. Multi-tasking and Video Calls. Talking to multiple people is possible with VoIP. Conference calls with high internet connection are as clear as you can get. Even Video calls will experience little interruption. But it all depends on your internet speed since VoIP services rely heavily on them.
  3. Portability. The portable the device is, the more we are inclined to buy it. This is the case of VoIP devices. They are very handy and portable; making calls anywhere and anytime is now possible thanks to this innovation. It doesn’t matter where you are, for as long as you are connected to the internet, you can receive and make calls using you VoIP.
  4. One service number. All phone messages will be received in one mailbox and one number only, whether it is from a cell phone, PSTN or from other VoIP. You can also designate specific numbers straight to your mailbox or block it. Notification will be sent to have a list of voicemails you received on your mobile device.
  5. Centralized. You can put together all your fax, voice-mail and email to your mailbox. Specific files such as voicemail will automatically be converted to .wav files and be sent to your mailbox. A more organized form of mail and notification system will be convenient to the user.
  6. User friendly. The user interface of these technologies is very consumer friendly. Innovators are now considering the fact that these products are no longer limited to the people who are technologically advanced, but they are taking into account consumers from all of the social classes. Now, even senior citizens can use their devices and children alike.
  7. Integration with other existing apps. VoIP will allow you to integrate your CRM or ERP applications and identify almost all of the information about your client. You can link information to other existing applications on your computer or your mobile device.
  8. Connectivity. Since all VoIP services rely on internet calls, it is important that you have a strong internet connection. Most of the customers complain about poor quality voice calls this is due to poor signal or low connectivity.
  9. Always available. Even if you are away from your desktop, you can divert all mail and calls to your preferred subscription service like a RingCentral business VoIP. You can receive them anytime anywhere. Availability is one key asset of having a VoIP in your life.
  10. Flexible. If you are unable to answer your VoIP, you can forward your calls to other numbers. VoIP phones give you the option to set a series of phone numbers to forward your calls to. This is called the call hunting feature.

These reasons are more than enough to get a VoIP service.  You already have 10 reasons to be stress free, hassle free and have a very cost efficient way of doing business.




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