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How to Cut Some Business Expenses

February 1st, 2013 Posted in Business

Businesses may be confident when they see the amount of revenue they rake in but will find that most of it can be eaten up after computing for expenses. There are a lot of things a business venture of any size can do to trim down on expenses without compromising quality. Here are a few things worth taking a look at and making a few changes to for improved profit.


  • Keep track of the resources your employees use. Take stock of the supplies they consume and monitor the time they spend away from their desks. The time lost on employees who take a lot of breaks can add up to loss due to their lack of productivity. Also, implement rules regarding their liberties online. Some may take advantage of an open internet system and spend more time surfing than doing actual work. You do not have to block most websites but you can use software to track their computers. This will give you a clear picture of what they do online and help you come up with guidelines that are best suited for the employees and the business.


  • Your utility bills may be higher than what they have to be. Unless there are major discrepancies, businesses tend to just pay up without really taking a good look at the books each month. Take some time to look at how much your business phone systems are costing, as well as electricity and rent among others. You might just find some errors that make you pay more than what is ideal or find some ways to get the same level of service for a lower price.


  • If your business is lucky enough to have an advertising budget, this should not mean that you no longer have to take pains in planning your campaign. Make sure you take time to think about the audience you are trying to target and how to best get their attention. Once you know where majority of your success is coming from, you can focus on that area and get rid of others that may be draining you of funds. Do not forget to still use tools for free advertising, such as social media networks.


  • If you are paying for the services of other companies, look for a payment scheme that will save you money. This could by paying upfront or as soon as possible. The longer you stretch out your payments, the more it actually adds up to. If ever, try asking them for discounts once you have established that you are a faithful customer and always pay on time. Also, it does not hurt to do your research and find other alternatives that can give you the same service for much less money.


  • A business cannot run smoothly without the participation of everyone involved so keep this in mind and ask your employees for any suggestions they might have for cutting down on expenses. They are more exposed to some facets of the business than you might be so they may have better ideas. Ask them for their opinions and ideas every quarter or so and make sure you reward the good ideas accordingly. Make them want to be the employee who comes up with a revolutionary idea that can change how the company does business.




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