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Optimize Your Use of Social Media

January 31st, 2013 Posted in Internet, Technology

A post by Baochi Nguyen on RingCentral’s blog (http://blog.ringcentral.com/) contains a quote from Kathy Colaiacovo, an Online Marketing & Social Media Consultant, which says:

optimize social media“If your business is looking to add customer care to your social media plan, the very first thing you need to do is set the parameters of how you will deal with the requests. Spell out on your profiles the time available, type of assistance (if there are limitations) and include the names of any specific people monitoring the social media account (e.g., “monitored by Jane and Craig”) so that people can know who they are connecting with. On the back-end, your organization needs to be clear on how you will deal with both positive and negative comments. Have a strategy in place for how the support team will respond.”

You will notice that a section of the quote is in bold because it is the main point of this article. A lot of businesses have to be smart about how they spend their time and they cannot afford to spend a lot of it on social media. Luckily, there are ways to make the best of social media efforts that do not require more than just a few hours per week. By streamlining your processes and making sure to have an organized approach to handling corporate social media accounts, you are set to have a strategy that is will succeed using just a bit of your time. Here are a few things to try to fit your social media efforts into an hour per day, or 5 hours per week without compromising returns.

  • Do not forget to spend some time interacting with the customers. Talk to your followers, participate in conversations, and reply to comments and messages. Do this consistently and make sure you try to get through the most valuable comments.
  • Have a schedule of what posts will be published for the week. This will save time by eliminating the need to figure out what to post each day. Also, this will ensure that the posts will be relevant to the business and will not be published for the sake of having something to post.
  • Manage your account at least once a week. This means that you will be spending this time looking for people or companies that are relevant or interesting for your business.
  • Try to publish original content. You do not necessary create content solely for social media. You can use what is already there and condense it into a much more reader-friendly form.
  • You can also post videos as a marketing tool. These are much more likely to engage customers than a lengthy essay. Make sure to keep the content of your video brief and entertaining. Also, try and give the customers something valuable such as information or practical advice. Once you have taken the necessary steps to create and finish the video, the next logical step is to post it to the social media platforms your company uses. YouTube is a very easy way to get it out to a large audience but make sure the words you use are optimized so that search engines include your video in their results.

Time is a very precious and limited resource in business and by making sure that you make the best use of the time you spend on social media, you do not have to spend a large chunk of time on it. Pick your platform, adopt a method of organization and get the most out of those 5 hours per week.




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