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How to Work from Home Efficiently

January 29th, 2013 Posted in Business, Inspirational, Internet

If you happen to be a business owner, career professional or office employee, there are work mode options open to you now that used to be close to non-existent years before. Companies now have become more enlightened to the realities of work accomplishment. That which can be attainable outside of the normally accepted modes of traditional office attendance years ago. Work hours and processes in various companies have also undergone many reforms introduced by open-minded management engineers. It is now possible to be working for companies via work-from-home set-ups.

This kind of set-up used to be the sole domain of freelancers and top-caliber professionals sought after by companies who could therefore press their own work conditional demands on business owners. Times have changed, however, and some companies have wizened up to the practicality of the work-from-home concept. Technological advancements like online tech and cloud communications have also pushed the remote worker envelope further.  New tech allows professionals to telecommute efficiently with companies even from far away continents. This is why even the ordinary office employee can opt for such an arrangement and companies would be willing to oblige depending on the doability and propriety of such.

The virtual coworker

Under a work-from-home set-up, you automatically become a virtual coworker. Your job description exists in the company you work for because you accomplish work on a virtual level via online tech and telecom systems. As a career professional, you are a virtual part of the company because your expertise is present in the company’s asset equation. Your responsibilities therefore are just the same as all of the other employees in the company working in office workstations downtown. To be able to efficiently accomplish work, you still have to create a professionally systematic work process at home. You can start creating one by following the simple tips below:

  1. Choose a specific and appropriate spot in your home. You need to aurally replicate an office atmosphere in the spot you choose. A quiet enclosed space or room is advisable. This can effectively shut out ambient noise like the neighbor’s dog barking; the eggs frying in a pan in the kitchen; or the wife hollering at the kids. Such aural disturbances can disrupt work and tend to give off an unprofessional office atmosphere when overheard by contacts or customers over the phone.
  2. Make the chosen spot conducive to professional work accomplishment. Equip the room with the same necessary business productivity tools and machines. A desktop computer or a laptop, some mobile devices, a landline phone, a desk and a chair. Filing cabinets are optional since you can go paperless with your filing system simply by using cloud storage apps. Install the necessary business productivity mobile apps in your devices to bolster your efficiency.
  3. Get professional grade business VoIP. Business telecom is a must in work-from-home set-ups. The best way to achieve this is by getting business VoIP services to handle call management chores for your business. A RingCentral virtual office set-up is a fine example of this you can explore. Don’t be stymied by thinking it’s an expensive service because it is not what you imagine it to cost. VoIP services have become so affordable for small businesses owing to the stiff competition in that industry.
  4. Set specific work hours/days and off hours/days. Just like in traditional offices, you need to work within a reasonably professional timeframe. Not because you are at home and work is there for you to do means that you can throw home life out the window and replace it with more work. You can configure call routing features in the PBX to channel calls in terms of time of day, day and date range. You don’t need to answer business calls at the dinner table. Let voicemail handle that.
  5. Strike a balance between work and domestic life. Working from home will make you prone to workaholism owing to its physical location convenience. Do not make this a habit. Give attention where proper attention is due. It is always up to you to draw the line between professional work and domestic life. All the work you do and whatever success you derive from it will mean nothing without a family to share the rewards with.




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