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Getting a vanity number for your business

January 18th, 2013 Posted in Technology

Many businesses today have opted to incorporate their contact information on their print, online, or broadcast advertisements through the use of vanity numbers. This is a marketing style where businesses substitute meaningful words or phrases to their business’s contact number using the letter-to-number associations of the conventional phone keypad. Businesses worldwide make use of this style on contact information such as their advertising phone number or tollfree number.


However, making a vanity number for your business is always not as easy as it looks. You are constrained to ideally 7-letter words (to use up all the standard numbers within your contact information), thinking up words for your vanity number can be a challenging experience. Here are a few guidelines that can help you devise a good vanity number for your business:


  • Lay all the numbers bare – If you already have a set number for your business, then write it down and all the associated letters on their respective places in the telephone keypad. These will be all the possible 7-letter combinations that you can use for your vanity number. This almost sounds like a game of scrabble, but this helps make the first step towards getting an imaginative. Of course, businesses that are still in the process of obtaining a number can skip this part and immediately begin to draw up the vanity number wording itself.


  • It has to be descriptive! – The purpose of a vanity number is to make your business easier to remember for customers. Therefore, it has to be descriptive enough to summarize your business in one or two words. The first thought is to always make use of the business name or title for the vanity number itself, though this only works if your business has the requisite number of letters (usually 5-7). Any more than that and you would either be forced to truncate several letters in the business name to fit the vanity number, and sometimes that can damage the identity of your business.


  • Highlight the product or service – In cases where you use the vanity number for specific promotional items or services, it is ideal that you highlight those terms as your vanity number itself. It makes it even easier for customers to remember the product or service that they will be calling in for. For example, a service number for a delivery service can use the number 1-800-DELIVER. A number for purchasing kitchen equipment can use the number 1-800-KITCHEN.


  • Shorten words for extra effect – Having difficulty with some long words and phrases? You can utilize textspeak or the use of SMS language on your vanity number to give it greater effect. A service, for example, that specializes in love quotes may just simple use 1-800-LUVNOTE as its vanity number. Notice how ‘love’ had been reduced to its SMS equivalent, ‘luv’.


There are various ways by which you can give an extra identity to your business through its vanity number. These are just but a few tips that you can use to easily devise a vanity number that your customers will remember by heart and forever associate with your business. After all, words have power, and these tend to stick longer than any marketing.




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