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Basic Telephone Etiquette for Business

December 29th, 2012 Posted in Business

For obvious reasons, any business could never be successful without the help of its business telephone. Having a telephone line enables customers to contact businesses while saving time, effort, and money from actually going to their office. True, businesses know the importance of it; however, knowing is far from valuing – businesses should not only know the importance of the business telephone system; they should value it. One of the ways to value this business communication solution is by being knowledgeable of how to use the system properly. Poorly guided conversations with callers can eventually result to losing potential customers. Thus, it is important to always keep in mind the etiquette of using this system.

 Smiling during the conversation does not hurt. Though callers may not see you smiling, people can actually ‘hear’ a smile. There is a certain vibe which one puts off when smiling as it keeps you calm and cool. It affects your tone of voice and mind set. A positive aura emanating throughout a conversation can affect the mood of your caller; and indirectly, it can further affect the success of a negotiation. Keep yourself calm, and your voice will follow. It is a must to keep a calm voice when using the business telephone. Callers respond well to a calm voice and appreciate it more rather than a stronger voice tone. A calm voice ensures that the conversation runs smoothly and would not turn into something unpleasant. Speak clearly but not slowly. When conversing over any voice communication channel whether it’s via Skype’s video chatting, voice calling on Google Voice, or through the virtual PBX by RingCentral, you must speak clearly if they wish to be understood by your caller. It is important that the caller understands everything you say during the phone conversation. Hurrying or talking fast is highly discouraged as this may lead to miscommunication; while talking too slowly might bore your callers out. Situations like this may lead to an irritated caller who would just hang up on you. Talk at a normal pace – not too fast, not too slow – so your callers would not miss out on any details. Patience is a virtue. Obviously, callers expect professionals whenever they call you for queries. They expect quality customer service from a patient customer relations officer. Never ever hang up first. Never, at any time, hang up from your callers. Let the caller hang up first. When callers hang up first, you are at ease that they are already done with the call and that they are already satisfied with your service. There are times when these callers are not yet done asking questions even when they have already said goodbyes. It can be quite embarrassing, more like offending, for the callers if they still have a follow up question but you already decided to hang up. As much as possible, avoid personal calls. A business telephone is for business purpose only. Phone users must avoid using it for personal reasons. Keep it professional – you might miss an important incoming phone call. As much as possible, make your personal calls only in case of emergencies or unavoidable situations. These simple business phone practices ensure that conversations with every customer over the phone lines will run smoothly. This also helps establish long and lasting relationships between business companies and customers. Thus, proper use of the business telephone is encouraged at all times.




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