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Incredible Apps for Busy Businessmen

November 30th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Business, Technology

The business world has been drastically altered by the overwhelming influx of technological advancements that has made the daily operations of companies more productive and hassle-free. Today, you can send a document through fax even though you only have an Internet connection and a webcam; you can conduct business activities even while traveling, and this is not confined only to calling up employees to check them up; and lastly, you can increase your sales just by utilizing the many benefits of the Internet, and other functions and features provided by service providers such as RingCentral, among others.

For sure, your business has its own slew of gadgets and devices aimed at boosting your productivity. The most common gadgets that businesses use in communication are the business telephone, the fax machine, and the smartphone, among others.

The smartphone represents one of the greatest additions to the devices that businesses can use to make even their idle time productive. Because smartphones are such tiny yet powerful devices, you can figuratively bring your business in your pockets: making presentations while on travel, conducting a video conference with your employees while on vacation, and sending email to fax messages while you are out of town for a meeting with a client are just some of the things that you can do with your smartphone. What makes smartphones more useful are the apps that can be used to accomplish business-related purposes, and these apps may be free of charge or may come with varying amount of fees.

In a bid to help the busy businessmen the most useful choose apps—these are not restricted to those that are exclusively for business use—we ran down some of the most useful devices that make work-related task a joy to accomplish.

  • If you spend much time going from place to place yet need to read stuff on the Internet but can’t because you’re moving, then you should try out Spoken Layer, an app available for iOS. Spoken Layer converts a webpage into a podcast so that you can listen instead of read while walking.
  • Some businessmen like continuity in their work, so that it would be perfect to have a Web browser that let you sync all your devices. Google Chromes does just that. With Google Chrome, you can take from where you left no matter what device you use—your iPhone, your iPad, or even your Android phone.
  • WolframAlpha is the perfect app for engineers, scientists, mathematicians, statisticians and others who need an online computing machine. At $3.99 you can use this app in your Android phone or iPhone any where you are as long as you are hooked up to the Internet.
  • For an app that you can use the assistance of when you are on the road, the Robin is the best for you. This app for Android works the same way as Siri; that means that you can ask Robin for directions, gas prices, and weather, among others.
  • For a different note-taking experience, which can double as a file sharing app, you can use Evernote. Evernote allows you to store important documents, and web clippings, and then share them to your business associates or employees.
  • If you want ad-free reading of news, then avail the services of Prismatic. This is also an intelligent app, since it is able to become accustomed to your reading preferences and offer suggestion in line with your interests.

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Getting the Most Out Of Almost-Obsolete Equipment

November 28th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Business, Technology

gossip-printerFax machines, desktop printers, photocopiers, and maybe even the filing cabinets are office equipment that are about to go obsolete. But you don’t have to ditch them right away. You’ve invested on them when you purchased them so who cares if they are obsolete or soon-to-be obsolete as long as they still work.

Some businesses still use fax machines. Even with the proliferation of email to fax services or HP’s cloud-based printers, some businesses still use fax machines. Why? They have the same thing in mind, ‘why ditch the machine if it’s still working?’

Besides fax machines and desktop printers almost have the same functions. Printers today called smart printers have already gained independence from the desktop computer. Meaning they are already connected to the Internet by themselves and thus, can be used to receive fax sent from email. Fax machines no longer print grainy images or letters on thermal paper but print with the same quality of a desktop printer.

We still need print outs sometimes for courtesy, legalities and all so we might need the fax machines, desktop printers, and photocopiers. These machines can also be maximized for advertising and marketing. They can be used to print receipts, flyers and invitations in-house to save printing costs or when there is no more time to go to a printing press.

Desktop telephones can be obsolete in the future too with smart and android phones or with Bluetooth earpieces connected to computers and VoIP service capable. So it is too soon to give them up for obsolete because like desktop printers, they too are becoming ‘smart’ and wireless. There are also a lot of service providers offering business communication services that can be customized to make use of whatever equipment you have. There is email to fax services or VoIP services that can still make that old landline desktop telephone ring.

What’s more fascinating these days is that the office PBX could be expanded outside the four walls of the office and out to the world. Say, if your employees have their own smart or android phones that they own personally, you could just subscribe from a service provider to make all your employees android or smart phones connected with each other and with the desktop telephones in the office. Of course this is possible with conventional telephone technology but you sure will take up bills from overseas rates. The sweet thing is that most service providers are cloud based so they can offer less expensive rates for their services.

While it is true that having updated equipment helps a lot, investment on purchasing new ones should be done wisely, carefully and with the right timing. One advantage of not diving into purchasing new equipment right after their much hyped up release is that you have the chance to observe how they fare. After the release, reviews usually follow and that’s where you can get ideas whether you really need to upgrade or what you already have is just okay.

So while you watch the market for state of the art equipment that can boost your income, be as vigilant for business communication services being offered. Complementing your old equipment with new services is how you get the most out of them at least until the end of their lifespan.

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Advantages of Hosted PBX Systems

November 26th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Business, Technology

Business establishments have already incorporated the hosted PBX telephone system into their daily processes in order to provide the needs of a growing number of customers. This is to guarantee that their business associates, happy customers, and likely clients are provided quality call services especially when taking queries. But for a developing business that needs to expand to other locations, this hosted PBX phone system can also do surprises for them. The phone system will enable business owners and managers to handle the business project in a convenient manner. To check on the business’ status, there is no need for them to go daily from one place to another. Effective communication can already happen through the phone system.

Your business can also take advantage of the hosted PBX telephone systems. It would be easier on your part to link with your employees even when they are located in different locations as the owner or manager of a business. Follow ups can then be made without leaving from one place to another. With the organized communication system, unblemished communication between small offices is worked out. Successful call management is then very possible to achieve. How will the hosted PBX telephone system work out for your small business offices then? This phone system can function to your advantage if in case you manage business in multiple locations. With the support of the web interface, all of your business extension phone lines are then linked. That is why even if you move from one branch to another; the likelihood of having steady communication with your business associates and clients is still very workable.

Hosted PBX phone system comes with assorted features that can perform important business functions making it an valuable mode of communication. It can give a good impression to prospective clients who are taking queries with the auto attendant feature. Depending on the need of your business scheme, things can be modified as pleased. Other quality features that complement the system includes multiple find me numbers that is given per extension, call screening to make certain that only serious inquiries are answered, dial by name and dial by extension to make certain that callers will be routed to their desired recipient, and many more.

The very thing that makes the hosted PBX telephone system admired by business owners is that they are allowed to modify depending on their venture. You too can avail of this appealing advantage. The hosted PBX phone system is still a top choice for the many when compared to other communication methods. Why not? It is cheaper when compared to the traditional telephone systems. Using the common means of communication will cost you a lot since long distance call rates are already very pricey if you have offices in remote places. But with the hosted PBX phone systems, you can do as many calls as you can without even worrying about your costs. And your business will now start to achieve increased income aside from better savings.

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Helpful Pointers For Online Shoppers

August 14th, 2013 | Comments Off | Posted in Internet

9865547-young-traveler-girlsHave you ever tried to shop online? If not, then you are missing the chance to buy the things that you have always wanted at the convenience of your home. There are a lot of sites that offer different products and services. Anyone can shop online; the average person, businessman/woman, and even politicians. You can find almost everything you need on the Internet. However, you might be wondering how to purchase online.

With the help of search engines, you can find almost anything you need. However, you should be extra cautious in choosing an online vendor. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people whose intentions are not so good. You should choose a reputable online vendor to do business with. Being an online shopper, you need to be ready for unexpected things that might happen online such as overpricing or scams. Below are a few guides on how to shop online:

Computer, laptop or mobile phone: Users can easily download online stores such as iTunes, Google Play, and eBay apps. These programs will make it easier for online shoppers to check catalogues and items from these vendors. You could also have instant access to updates to discounts and freebies. But before you would start clicking on the Buy Now button, be sure to protect your computer with malware detection programs.

Gather Information: You can use search engines to find the products and services that you want to purchase on the Internet. You can read reviews and feedbacks from other people and weigh your judgment according to what you have read.

Payment Method: There are several payment methods that you can avail such as PayPal, credit card, and bank accounts. These contain personal information that are vulnerable to identity theft. So as much as possible, partner with trusted online vendors and auction sites. Also, choose a site that accepts PayPal as a payment method. You will never realize how beneficial it is to have a Buyer Protection Program unless you would really need it. And you can get that only from PayPal.

Limitation: With the vast choices that are easily accessible on the Internet, people would tend to overspend and just keep on purchasing things even though they really do not need it. As a result, they would either reach their credit limit or run out of funds that could have been for more important matters. It is always advisable to set a limit as to how much you would spend for it.

Reputable Online Vendor: This is very important if you are planning to shop online. You need to choose a reputable and trusted online vendor to avoid scams. Some of the trusted sites in online shopping are Newegg (for computer products), Amazon, and eBay.

Check the Item: When the item that you purchased online arrives, do not forget to check it first if there are any damages. If so, then you can always contact the online shop where you purchased it or directly call the seller. You can ask for a refund or a warranty when something is wrong with the product that you are using. EBay, for example, would give you the chance to return the item to the seller. The seller would have the option to either replace it with a new one, or issue a refund.

Online shopping is indeed fun. Who would not want to go shopping without the need to travel for miles and go around boutiques? Also, the process is simple. Since every online company or vendor has contact information, some of them use a VoIP phone system like the RingCentral business VoIP, so that their clients can easily reach them.

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